Smith/Peterson - Family Card
Smith/Peterson - Family Card
Leonard Galen PETERSON(8 Jun 1921 - 17 Sep 1987)Frank VAN NEVEL
m. 10 Aug 1973, New Richmond, St.Croix, WI
b. 26 Dec 1950, New Richmond, St.Croix, WI
d. 21 Jun 2013, age: 62
occ. Commercial Photographer; Prop.Towing Business, N.R.
edu. H.S.-N. R.; U Of W-Stout,Eau Claire,Madison,
rel. Hawkeye Tech. Sch. Waterloo,IA; See Husband's Notes
b. 27 Mar 1951, age: 70
occ. See Wife's Notes
edu. B.S.U Of W - Madison; U Of W-River Falls-Mast.-ED
rel. Cert. Elem. Teaching; School Librarian- U Of W-Superior
Spouses: 1, 2
Tyler Jordan PETERSON(19 Nov 1981 - )
Magdalyn Davin PETERSON(21 Nov 1983 - )
Brenna PETERSON(27 May 1987 - )
Jesse PETERSON(27 May 1987 - )
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