Smith/Peterson - Family Card
Smith/Peterson - Family Card
Homer Henry HATCH(4 Dec 1912 - 9 Apr 1968)David Weldon RAU
Dorothy Jane SMITH(22 Oct 1921 - 22 May 1991)Maude D. LODEWYKS
m. 12 Jul 1969, LaDue,St.Louis, MO
b. 18 May 1946, Highland Park,IL, age: 75
occ. Professor UT Health Science Center - Dept Psychiatry & Orthodontics
edu. See Husband's Notes
rel. Put Here The Name Of The Walking Club John & Carol Belong To.
b. 29 Sep 1947, St.Louis,Missouri, age: 74
occ. Carol Has A Twin Brother - David Rau
edu. See Wife's Notes
rel. Artist And Tennis Competition
Richard Harris HATCH(19 Jul 1971 - )
Jason Douglas HATCH(15 Jun 1974 - )
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